I have been working in the Online world since I was at University in 2001 and every day is a new challenge. From starting out as a web developer/project manager/SEO in the early 200’s so much has changed I couldn’t possibly list it all here. Some of the highlights of the last 10 years include:

  • Graduating from University (without turning up that often)
  • Having a wonderful family (love them loads)
  • Winning a penalty shootout at Highbury (verses the Gunnersarus)
  • Watching Tottenham in the Champions League (never thought that would happen)
  • My Mum winning the Duck race at the Romsey Mayor’s picnic (best not to ask)
  • Moving to the South Coast (long way from London)

If you want to contact me the easiest way is probably through Twitter.

That is all!


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